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They're killing Harlem! Okay, I've actually only been to Harlem twice and really just went for the food, but ever since President Clinton announced his post-presidency HQs would be in Harlem, property values exploded.

"Condos can go for $1 million. Big retailers like Old Navy, Starbucks, Payless, Staples and Blockbuster are ubiquitous. On 125th Street near Fifth Avenue, bulldozers clear a vacant lot for an upscale hotel.

Old-timers worry that redevelopment will wipe out mom-and-pop stores and affordable housing, along with the area's distinct character. But boosters say commerce and construction bring jobs, safe streets and new cultural and retail venues that complement famous landmarks.

Certainly Harlem's appeal to tourists has never been stronger. Double-decker sightseeing buses cross 125th Street every few minutes. Japanese visitors queue up at Sylvia's, the famous soul food restaurant."

The last time I was in Harlem was the summer of 2003 and I found it interesting how many non-black people were walking around. Young white couples with their baby strollers, Hispanics, white professionals eating out and a lot of Asians running local stores. Life goes on and the only thing we can count on is that everything will change. I just hope they can maintain some of what was/is great about Harlem. Finding the real Harlem amid a changing landscape -
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Do you ever wonder why the grocery delivery is so cheap? I mean its so ridiculously convenient, you'd think it would cost an arm and a leg.

Here's a New York example of how companies like those that have home delivery groceries, have benefited from illegal behavior because they'll take whatever pay under whatever conditions you set up. Prices will have to rise to get American workers, but unlike illegal immigrants who won't likely pay taxes and will very likely send their $$$ to families in Mexico, American employees will pay taxes and keep the money in the U.S. Groceries on the Computer, and Immigrants in the Cold - New York Times
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More on how the state loves to do some killin'. State Without Pity - New York Times
It is not that Texas sentences people to death at a much higher rate than other states. Rather, Texas has proved to be much more willing than others to carry out the sentences it has imposed.

"The participants in Texas’s death penalty process, including the governor and the pardon board, are more enthusiastic about moving things along than they are in many states. Texas’s system also contains some special features, like the power of district attorneys to set execution dates. Prosecutors are likely to be more eager than judges to see an execution carried out."
Areas with more crime with get more police officers. What a novel idea! City Is Doubling Police Program to Reduce Crime - New York Times
"Every new police officer in New York City will be sent onto the streets of some of the city’s toughest neighborhoods as part of a broad anticrime operation that the authorities say has helped produce historic drops in crime, the city announced on Wednesday."
N.J. Orders HIV Testing For Pregnant Women - "New Jersey this week launched one of the most ambitious efforts in the country to control mother-to-child transmission of HIV, making screening tests mandatory for all pregnant women in the state beginning next year."
"A campaign is underway to ban affirmative action in five states already embroiled in debates over illegal immigration.

Efforts are proceeding in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma to put initiatives on November ballots that would end programs to increase minority and female participation in government and education.

The push is led by Ward Connerly, a California management consultant who successfully ran similar campaigns in California, Washington and Michigan. It is part of Connerly's effort to ban race- and gender-based policies nationwide.

The initiatives will add to the racially charged atmosphere in state elections, says Michael Kanner, a political science professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. All five states have had big increases in their Hispanic population since 2000, leading to racial tensions and debates over illegal immigration."
Affirmative action may be on ballots -
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They want her to stop shoving Barry down their throats. I guess they only love her as long as she tells them what they want to hear and gives them presents. What price Oprah? - CAUSE CÉLÈBRE - Los Angeles Times 'Winfrey's website has been buzzing for weeks with angry postings about her involvement in the Illinois senator's campaign, something Hollywood, which always keeps its eye on the public mood, is bound to notice -- this is a town, after all, that measures success by weekly grosses and daily TV ratings."
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When the BBC released a list of the "100 Greatest Britons" there weren't any black people on there. Kind of embarrassing, huh? In response, a black history site created "100 Great Black Britons" but nobody knew who any of them were.

Foreigners - Caryl Phillips - Books - Review - New York Times: "These two experiments were a reminder that even if the multi ethnic crowd on the London tube is ever more difficult to distinguish from the one on the New York subway, British self-identity and British history remain somehow fundamentally white. For"
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There Is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind - New York Times "In 2001, rumors started to hit the blogosphere that Antony Flew, a British philosopher born in 1923, had found God after six decades of atheism. At first Flew denied the reports. But in May 2004 he told a conference in New York that he had indeed changed his mind and become a believer. A flurry of online pundits debated the meaning of this shocking conversion."
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U.S. Disparity in Executions Grows as Texas Bucks Trend - New York Times "This year’s death penalty bombshells — a de facto national moratorium, a state abolition and the smallest number of executions in more than a decade — have masked what may be the most significant and lasting development. For the first time in the modern history of the death penalty, more than 60 percent of all American executions took place in Texas."
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Hoover Planned Mass Jailing in 1950 - New York Times: "A newly declassified document shows that J. Edgar Hoover, the longtime director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had a plan to suspend habeaus corpus and imprison some 12,000 Americans he suspected of disloyalty."

This would be funny if it wasn't so scary that this crazy b*%$ was in such a position of power.

"Hoover wanted President Harry S. Truman to proclaim the mass arrests necessary to “protect the country against treason, espionage and sabotage.” The F.B.I would “apprehend all individuals potentially dangerous” to national security, Hoover’s proposal said. The arrests would be carried out under “a master warrant attached to a list of names” provided by the bureau."
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I love this story and the picture is aweome. Little girls rock! South Korea, Where Boys Were Kings, Revalues Its Girls - New York Times: "In South Korea, once one of Asia’s most rigidly patriarchal societies, a centuries-old preference for baby boys is fast receding. And that has led to what seems to be a decrease in the number of abortions performed after ultrasounds that reveal the sex of a fetus."
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Michelle Malkin has been blogging about a where the students in a Columbus put themselves in an illegal immigrant's shoes. They practice evading the law and fraudulently gaining legal status. She's pissed that 1)they're doing this because its total BS and 2) the school doesn't teach them the dissenting perspective.
Michelle Malkin » Open borders principal: “We’ve been bloggercized”
Michelle Malkin » Open borders 101
When people say that enforcing immigration laws won't do anything, don't believe them. I've been blogging for some time about illegals packing up and leaving because they can't find jobs and renters won't rent to them. Here's more:
Michelle Malkin » Shocker! Enforcing immigration laws results in illegal aliens leaving
In Arizona, the case against enforcing new state immigration laws went all the way to the federal courts and was upheld. The laws will go into effect January 1 and in a state like Arizona, that is a HUGE deal! Judge Supports Arizona Law on Immigrants - New York Times
"The law calls for suspending the license of an employer found to have knowingly hired an illegal worker, and revocation for a second offense."
Sad story about a cop who came to this country with his parents when he was 9, illegally, about to be deported. Dream Turns Nightmare: Milwaukee Police Officer to Be Deported - New York Times

"But when Mr. Ayala-Cornejo filled out recruitment papers, he used the name of a dead relative who had been a United States citizen. He had to, Mr. Ayala-Cornejo says, because ever since his parents brought him here from Mexico when he was 9, he has lived in the country illegally. The life that Mr. Ayala-Cornejo carefully built here, including more than five years with the police force, is to end at noon on Saturday, when, heeding a deportation order, he will board a plane bound for the country he left as a child. "
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He seems to be very popular, but he just appears to be a weirdo to me. Who would keep the donation of an avowed white supremacist? Paul Keeps White Supremacist Donation - Houston Chronicle

"Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has received a $500 campaign donation from a white supremacist, and the Texas congressman doesn't plan to return it, an aide said Wednesday. Don Black, of West Palm Beach, recently made the donation, according to campaign filings. He runs a Web site called Stormfront with the motto, "White Pride World Wide." The site welcomes postings to the "Stormfront White Nationalist Community."

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Merrill Lynch Sells Stake to Singapore Firm - New York Times

"Merrill Lynch became the latest Wall Street bank to grab a financial lifeline from a foreign government, agreeing on Monday to sell $5 billion of new stock to an investor from Singapore and a smaller stake to a domestic firm, as the fallout from mortgage mess continues to spread."
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I'm off to celebrate the holidays with my family, most of whom I love. I'll be dropping you a line when I hear something interesting or worth sharing but I won't be back at full throttle until next year. Get your holiday on. Here's Barry's family X-mas message with his adorable little girls. A message for the holidays from the Obamas

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The cops in Baton Rouge thought they were looking for a killer who was white, male and driving a pick up truck. They tried to match DNA, couldn't do it. Then they went to this dude who says he can determine race by DNA alone. It's been tested and it works. He told them the guy they're looking for is black, they changed the direction of their investigation and caught the dude. Call it PC or just plain cowardice, but the police department heads aren't dummies. This is a tricky situation and they want nothing to do with it. A New DNA Test Can ID a Suspect's Race, But Police Won't Touch It
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I'm a huge geek, I know, but I love learning about space and all that crap. TLC has a series called "The Universe" which is so super cool. It's amazing what is out there. Don't you want to know? Is there any other life in our solar system? What about our galaxy? What about the other of planets in all the other solar systems in all the other millions of galaxies. There's got to be something out there. I want to know!

I found this article interesting. I want to see this happen. Black Holes are really amazing. Where does everything go? Jet From Supermassive Black Hole Seen Blasting Neighboring Galaxy -
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The NAACP is heading the effort to start class actions against all the Subprime Lenders they feel specifically preyed on blacks.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which had filed a class action lawsuit in July against a dozen major
subprime lenders alleging institutionalized racism in lending practices, amended the complaint on Dec. 18. to add six additional lenders (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, et al vs. Ameriquest Mortgage Company, A Corporation, et al. July 11, 2007, amended Dec. 18, 2007, Los Angeles Federal Court, Case No. SACV 07-0794). The new defendants are CitiMortgage, Suntrust Mortgage, GMAC Rescap, JP Morgan, National City and First Horizon.

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From out of nowhere I give a post about Actress, former beauty queen, Kenya Moore. She got married recently to some guy and her ex-boyfriend, a football player, showed up at the wedding and acted the fool. I've always thought that Kenya was a very beautiful woman and wished her acting career would have been better. There are a lot of things I would forgive, but if you try to f-up my wedding, it would be on. Actress Kenya Moore Has A BEAUTIFUL Wedding Even Though Her EX-BOYFRIEND Was There TURNING OVER TABLES -™ 2007
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While China is quickly becoming BFFs with Russia, it is also showing some love to India. But India doesn't hate us as much as the others do, right? The Moderate Voice » China & India: Now Their Soldiers March "Hand in Hand"

"Indian and Chinese soldiers are at present playing war games in the Yunnan Province in the most southwest region of China (bordering the countries of Vietnam, Laos, and Burma), a first-ever such military exercise. Heralding a dramatic reversal in diplomatic relationship between the emerging two super powers that had fought a bloody war in 1962. This joint military exercise has a great symbolic value in the context of the improving Indo-Chinese relationship which have thawed considerably since 1993."
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Have you been going through withdrawal too? Stewart, Colbert returning to the air -

I've been going nuts without by Jon & Steven fix 4 nights a week. I'm sure its been killing them to be off during all this political nonsense going on. Just the candidate holiday commercials alone. Can you imagine how Jon would treat Mitt's "lying" about his father march with MLK? Colbert would have a field day with Huckabee's Cross/Bookshelf message.
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It went down outside New Orleans City Council over public housing yesterday. Violent protests over housing erupt in New Orleans -

"The City Council voted unanimously to greenlight the demolition of the city's four largest public housing developments, saying they are too damaged by Hurricane Katrina to allow residents back into them.

But many in New Orleans, including former residents of the developments, say they fear the local and federal governments will not guarantee similarly affordable housing be built in their place -- calling the demolition an effort to move poor people out of the city."

First, the buildings were ridiculously damaged, so there is no point to arguing whether they should be demolished. Second, what is a city's obligation to poor people that want to live there? I realize that I am far from poor, but there are places in DC that I would love to live, but I can't afford it. There are condos downtown that go for $500K for 800 square feet. They have priced me out, but I have alternatives. Poor people don't.

New Orleans doesn't want its poor to come back because they bring crime and suck the public resources. This is a city that can't afford anyone who isn't a consumer and taxpaying worker or business owner. It needs homeowner property taxes. The poor are either on welfare or their wages are so low they aren't contributing barely any tax to the economy and aren't consuming on a significant scale. What little money the city has should go towards encouraging more of these people to move to New Orleans.
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I was praying for a Christmas gift like no other this year. I really feel like our country needs some real direction that none of the current presidential candidates offer. I'm talking about real, "You know you recognize me" beat down with a cell phone kind of direction.
I received that gift today when it was announced that former Atlanta Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is running for president. You realize now that the war is over. All government funds will be diverted into the investigation of Tupac's assasination by the U.S. Government. And yes, that cartoon is wrong on many levels, but also funny.
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Hey, if they're old enough to got to war for their country, they're old enough to vote for the President that will send them to war. Pushing to Restore a Vote at 17 -

"Maryland's two major political parties stepped up efforts yesterday to overturn an obscure change in state policy that denies about 50,000 17-year-olds the right to vote in the coming presidential primary. For decades, Maryland residents could register at age 17 as long as they turned 18 by the date of the general election in November. The law was interpreted to mean that a 17-year-old could vote in a primary election."
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Picked this up via - Paper: Blacks are more often targets of suburban nuisance laws
"Blacks are arrested for alleged minor offenses far more frequently than whites in some suburbs where police aggressively enforce nuisance laws to fight drugs and violence, a newspaper reported Sunday.

The Philadelphia Inquirer said its yearlong investigation showed that such police tactics "can and often do go awry, resulting in the arrest of many innocent people and creating resentment and racial strains in community after community.''

Many police chiefs in suburban Philadelphia say nuisance laws such as those regarding noise, loitering, disorderly conduct and jaywalking are an indispensable tool in their quest to rid the streets of serious criminals. Targeting small crimes helps discourage larger ones, some say."
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We are selling more and more of our country to the Middle East & Asia.
America is being purchased in the billions by Norway, China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Here's the latest:

Morgan Stanley posts first quarterly loss, and welcomes Chinese investor - International Herald Tribune
"Morgan Stanley posted its first quarterly loss ever Wednesday after taking an additional $5.7 billion write-down related to subprime mortgages. The investment bank also said it would sell a $5 billion stake to China Investment Corp., a sovereign wealth fund, to shore up its capital."

"Dow Chemical plans to sell a 50 percent interest in five of its global businesses to a Kuwaiti company for about $9.5 billion and form a new joint petrochemicals venture, the world's second largest chemical company said Thursday."
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Who needs Congressional representation when you can get a quarter! D.C. Gets 25 Cents' Worth of Respect -

"The measure, tucked into a giant federal spending bill, puts the District on the same level as the 50 states, at least when it comes to the popular coins showcasing home-state icons such as mountains, birds, race cars and fiddles. The D.C. quarter is due in 2009, with a design yet to be determined."
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It's up then its down. The stock market soars then it plummets. I think there is a pill for this erratic behavior. The economy grows the fastest in four years, unemployment claims go up. Economy grew at 4.9% rate in Q3; jobless claims rise -

"The economy expanded at its fastest rate in four years during the third quarter, the government confirmed Thursday, though it has slowed sharply since then and is expected to keep slowing in 2008."
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She Who Will Not Be Named may be losing her cache if you look at her most recent book sales. Coulter’s Career Slows; Still Magnificent / Mollygood

"The latest tome by right-wing scribe Ann Coulter, If Democrats Had Any Brains They’d Be Republicans, hasn’t caught fire with book buyers. The title spent just four weeks on the New York Times‘ best-seller list—compared with 12 for her previous book—and has sold 97,000 copies in the last 10 weeks…Ms. Coulter’s last effort, Godless, sold 233,000 copies over the same time span…"
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This is a 2-minute LOST trailer, much better than the 32-second one I previously posted. It makes me wicked excited for the season. James Hibberd - ABC’s New ‘Lost’ Trailer - TVWeek - Blogs
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The standards of leadership for South Africa have certainly lowered since voting in Nelson Mandela as President. Voting for the head of the African National Congress is a strong indication of who will be the next President of SA. Yesterday, the Congress chose Zulu Jacob Zuma. He is a populist, so he would be like John Edwards if John Edwards had just recently survived a rape trial and is on his way to a conviction on corruption charges.

"On Monday, the party’s influential Women’s League narrowly threw its support to Mr. Zuma, despite Mr. Mbeki’s record of promoting women to top government posts."
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I guess the pro-illegal immigration groups will say they deserve it? Don't get me wrong, this is NOT good news, but it is a sign that border control is working better. By better I mean since we're actually doing it. The frustration of smugglers is a measurement by which we can judge increased border patrol. It's still nowhere near where it needs to be and the government must do more to protect these men and women.

"The U.S. Border Patrol says its agents have been assaulted 250 times along the Mexican border since October 1, a number that represents a 38 percent increase from the same period last year. Officials say the rising violence indicates smugglers are frustrated and more desperate as it has become more difficult to cross the border illegally. Agents have been attacked with rocks, vehicles and Molotov cocktails."
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I get why they named Putin Person of the Year. He did bring Russia back to the table. They were a joke; a situation of chaos and the best cautionary tell a superpower could be. Anyone who continues to disregard Russia is doing it at their own peril and this is mostly because of him. But I'm glad that TIME was even handed about it and wrote about all the human rights violations and censuring of the media that he has done to achieve his goal. A Tsar Is Born - Person of the Year 2007 - TIME
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I said all these piled on personal attacks by the right-wing media was going to work in her favor. Poll: Clinton recaptures lead in New Hampshire -

"Clinton was virtually tied with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in last week's New Hampshire poll, along with several other recent surveys. But in the Wednesday poll, the New York senator now has a 12-point lead over Obama -- 38 percent to 26 percent."
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The I Can Get You To Do Anything For Me When I Give You My "I'm Sad" Look
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And them Europe in general. And then Eastern world. And then....Putin Says He Would Accept Job As PM

President Vladimir Putin told a party congress Monday that he would accept the prime minister's post if his longtime protege is elected president, guaranteeing Putin an ongoing heavyweight political role in Russia. Ending speculation that he had another surprise up his sleeve in this tumultuous election season, Putin also said he would not—as had been widely expected—seek to strengthen the post of prime minister at the expense of Russia's powerful presidency.
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I know. I know. It's a waste of time to complain about anything that this shepherd for the devil says. It's all about using hate and nastiness to get ratings and $$$. He does it better than anyone, which is why Lucifer favors him so, and I usually ignore him. After all, he'll know what he did wrong when he gets to that little cubicle in hell one day. However, his decision to attack Hillary Clinton's looks in such an obviously sexist, double-standard way is already backfiring against him.

Rush asked his listeners if America wants to see a woman aging before our eyes, referring to Senator Clinton if she became President. Hmmm...I wonder if I look in his archives will we find him asking the same question about any of the male presidents who clearly aged about 25 years while in office. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting. They're men. It's totally different. Jackass.

In the end, this works in Hills favor. Just like Rick Lazio did when he ran against her for Senator in 2000, when they pile too much of the personal attacks, she gets sympathy, they look like assholes and it all turns into votes for her. While a man is worth his character, accomplishments, wealth, intelligence, etc., to many men a women is only worth what she looks like and this kind of statement will likely make a lot women, especially those who have been on the wrong end of that double standard, sympathize with Hillary.
You know what else ages a person, Rush? Being a drug addict.
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North Korea Replies to Bush With an Offer and a Condition - New York Times

"North Korea agreed on Friday to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, provided that the United States reciprocates by normalizing relations between the countries."

Uhmm.. No, I don't think so. North Korea makes China look like a paradise when it comes to human rights, so it better take more than what's her name denuclearizing the country.
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Recently named one of the most influential babies in America, here's a picture of Tiger & Elin Woods little cutie pie. She's adorable. Also - Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was named the #1 most influential baby in America and you know Zahara (#3 after #2 Suri Cruise) was having a fit. After all, Z is the opening act, headliner and after party of that whole family and everyone kn0ws that.

Back to topic, there are a few pics of Sam in the gallery. Sam Alexis Woods makes Target World Challenge Appearance -
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A Network For Blacks With A Sense of Mission. And by "mission" they mean "dignity and class that doesn't include any booty shaking." TV One - New York Times

TV One, based in this Washington suburb, is the cable channel with that sassy “I See Black People” advertising campaign. Devoted to black-themed programming, TV One is four years old next month and poised to make a profit for the first time next year. The only other black network is bigger and older: BET. Now 27 years old it reaches about 85 million households and attracts trend-making, advertising-attractive 18-to-34-year-olds.

But executives at the fast-growing TV One, in 42.2 million homes, are betting that there is a hunger among black viewers over 25 for programming aimed at them. At TV One that means no music-video shows or reality series about affluent teenagers or hell dates, all BET fare. Rather, viewers find reruns of shows like “Martin” and “Good Times,” as well as programs like “Baisden After Dark,” a late-night talk-variety series featuring Michael Baisden, known as the Bad Boy of radio, and “Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin,” a cooking show with the black celebrity chef.
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Finally, a show I actually love is coming back. LOST & 24 are my favorite two shows. I actually love Ugly Betty too, but my top two favorites are both shows that were delayed until 2008 and have suffered because of the writer's strike. While 24 looks like its going to skip this season altogether, the producers of LOST are going to take a shot and show what they've got. Let's hope the studios give the writers what they want (and deserve), so we can at least have a season of LOST.

It's coming back January 31st! There is also a Season 4 trailer at the link: Show Tracker : Los Angeles Times : 'Lost' returns: Half empty or half full?
And yes, I know Mr. Eko is gone, but its LOST, so no one is really dead, right?
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I AM LEGEND broke records with $77 million this weekend, making it the biggest December opening since...ever. You mean Will Smith beat the Lord of Rings trilogy(all three of them were December openings)? He beat Narnia? He beat King Kong(which kind of sucked anyway)? Wow. Who else do you know can pretty much carry a movie all by himself? He is officially the biggest star in the game. Good for him and since his company, Overbrook, was behind the camera, he's not just the star; he's also The Man.

So I punked out. Even though I am officially acting buck wild now that I have finished exams, I'm too much of a scaredy cat to go see it. I saw the original movie "OMEGA MAN" when Charlton Heston did it on TV a few years ago. With special effects, I can only imagine how intense it was. I will go see National Treasure and Denzel has some movie about a Student Debate competition that looks interesting.
Deadline Hollywood Daily » Will Smith Can Now Say ‘I Am Legend’: $77M For Best December Debut Ever! ‘Chipmunks’ Open To Cheeky $44M Wkd
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STEP 220

This would be Step 220 in the Google plot to take over the world. Nothing is safe. No, seriously, I love Google. They are relentless and can't be stopped. Wikipedia Competitor Being Tested by Google - New York Times

"The service, called Knol, which is short for knowledge, would allow people to create Web pages on any topic. It is designed to include features that permit readers to submit comments, rate pages and suggest changes. However, unlike Wikipedia, which allows anyone to edit an entry, only the author of a “knol,” as the pages in the service would be called, would be allowed to edit. Different authors could have competing pages on the same topic."
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(probably photoshopped but still nice)
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I'm surprised that ME even has a hate crimes division, let alone a NAACP chapter. There's like 11 people in the whole state and I think they're all white, except one might be half Native American. Kwanzaa celebration canceled after threats

"A Brewer man’s alleged threats to shoot members of Bangor’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has scared the group into meeting in secret for the last couple of months and has caused them to cancel their Kwanzaa celebration scheduled for December.

"It has been very scary," Joseph Perry, president of Bangor’s NAACP chapter and a Searsport resident, said Tuesday.

The hate crimes division of the Maine Attorney General’s Office filed a civil complaint in Penobscot County Superior Court against Kendrick Sawyer, 75, of Brewer on Nov. 2, based on threats he allegedly made against the local civil rights group."
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I don't know how I feel about Mark Cuban possibly buying the Cubs. The idea that a non-Chicago company would own them is hard enough to deal with. Tribune sees sale of Cubs in first half of 2008 - Reuters
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Even though he's the only entertaining thing about MNF, I would prefer to hear him on the radio because he's better in that format. Tony Kornheiser Leaving?: Has Kornheiser Already Had Enough Of This MNF Business?

"DCRTV is hearing more rumblings that Washington Post superstar sports columnist Tony Kornheiser will not be returning to ESPN's "Monday Night Football" next season. We're told that Kornheiser wants to focus on his local morning radio show, which resumes on new talker 3WT in January, and on his ESPN "PTI" afternoon TV program. Kornheiser's decision to give up the "MNF" color spot could cause some hurt feelings at ESPN, which removed sports media rival and former Redskin great Joe Theismann from the "MNF" broadcast booth before this season's shows started. However, Kornheiser has publicly said that he and Theismann have a friendly relationship."
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HBO to make Bonds movie - Entertainment News, Sports News, Media - Variety

HBO Films has acquired rights to "Game of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO and the Steroids Scandal That Rocked Professional Sports," a book by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, the San Francisco Chronicle reporters who broke numerous stories about the nutrition company accused of distributing illegal steroids to athletes including Bonds, Oakland A's and New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi and Olympic gold medal sprinter Marion Jones.
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Although I commend Martin for this article, Commentary: Black men must reclaim our children -, the people he is talking to won't pay attention. Good black fathers already agree with him. But whenever you confront black men, like the ones Martin is referring to, about taking on the real role of a father(which is more than just saying you have a kid), they only respond with some insanity like most black men are taking on their full responsibility as fathers and its just a few who aren't, or how yes it is undeniable that black men are slacking in their fatherly roles, but others are keeping them from doing so. If you initiate a conversation about loose, irresponsible black women, they have boatloads of comments and criticisms, but when you just focus on them...(crickets chirping).

"As the mug shots of the alleged killers of NFL star Sean Taylor were shown on television, I kept wondering when we were going to see their parents step forward. I saw a couple of mothers, but their dads were missing in action.Dads matter, and it's ridiculous for us to act as if all it takes is a loving mom."

When have you ever heard someone say, "That's right. I'm just not doing my job as a father and its up to me to start doing so?" The most popular retorts are to blame whoever the mother(s) of their child(ren) or how society has been constructed to prevent them. They never really have an explanation for the black men from every class structure who are great fathers.
On another blog, I actually had one brother tell me that the way black boys are turning out is more because of the no-good black women who don't raise them right than that black men who aren't raising them at all. WTF? I will admit that women who spread their legs for any fool aren't likely to be great mothers and both parents play a role, but no one with even a pea for a brain can suggest that a mother has more effect on a son's transition from boy to man than a father or the absence of one. Go into any prison and ask them what role their father (if they even knew him at all) played in their lives?
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Why is it only okay to discriminate against Christians? Playing the Christmas Card - The Opinionator - New York Times Blog
"Congress got in the the holiday spirit yesterday, and the right-wingers are taking down names. “Democrats who supported a House resolution to honor Ramadan voted against a similar resolution to honor Christmas and Christianity last night,” writes Amanda Carpenter at Town Hall. “18 Democrats voted ‘nay’ or ‘present’ on a resolution to ‘recognize the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.’ An eagle-eyed Republican House staffer points out that those same members, with one exception, voted to ‘recognize the commencement of Ramadan,’ a Muslim religious observance in October."
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I've always been curious as to what happened that made meteors cease pounding our planet? As you can see from this crater and others all over, this planet used to take a pummeling. What created our atmosphere? When did it happen?
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"If the government has its way, the moldering hulks of the St. Bernard public housing projects soon will be rubble. That has been the government's plan for more than a year — and for more than a year it has been locked in a legal battle with housing advocates here who want officials to fix up apartments waterlogged by the flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina rather than tear them down. Unless the vast system of public housing is reopened quickly, advocates fear many former residents will never come back." Katrina's wrath lingers for New Orleans' poor -
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"Instead of emulating former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali's rope-a-dope strategy and letting his opponents tire themselves out in contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, the former New York mayor has had to start swinging hard in those states."
Giuliani shifts tactics, goes on offensive -

Ultimately this is a good thing. People will have a better opportunity to see him for who he really is. And by a "good thing" I mean he's a jackass.
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So much time and effort put into post-prison convicts. What about pre-prison? Crime rates, prison costs spur programs for ex-cons -

"As hundreds of thousands of inmates head home from prison each year, city, state and federal officials are launching an unparalleled number of programs to help keep ex-offenders from committing new crimes. Spurred by concerns about crime rates ticking upward in some cities and incarceration costs that have spiraled out of control, communities are taking steps as basic as making sure parolees have valid state identification cards and as innovative as offering tax credits to businesses that hire ex-offenders to help them get back on their feet."
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I watched about 15 minutes of sports yesterday, which is 10 minutes more than I usually do, because of the Mitchell Report. I wanted to know what people are saying. This is what I got.

It's not complete. It's just one report covering a few clubhouses, so there is probably more and it isn't fair just to punish the ones in this report.

There will be no punishment because its all circumstantial evidence. This could be a turning point in baseball if the league will actually take the action they said they would.

MLB Commissioner Selig pretty much called the player's union to the floor for a fight.
Mitchell Report: Steroid woes a 'collective failure' -
Say It Ain’t So, Roger, and Barry, and . . . - New York Times

One other interesting note. The addition of Roger Clemens has really floored a lot of people. He's a super huge baseball star and certain Hall of Famer. As one sportscaster on PTI pointed out, we're going to see what a lot of these reporters are made of if they don't go after Clemens in the same way they went after Barry Bonds. They are on the same level as far as representatives of the games and record breakers. I personally think Barry gets most of the flack because he's a jackass, but if they aren't as hard on Clemens, you know what the accusation will be, right?
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"The authorities believe that the increased border enforcement has helped deter illegal immigrant traffic and allowed agents to make more drug seizures. But they acknowledge that it has also been driving traffickers to redouble their efforts to find alternative ways of breaching the border. It is not just tunnels. Immigration agents in San Diego say they are concerned about a spate of rickety boats found in the last year along San Diego County beaches, some having just dropped off illegal immigrants. People smuggled through official border crossings have been discovered tucked into hollowed-out dashboards in vans and trucks and in perilous pockets in vehicle undercarriages."
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Is there really any need for commentary? Some Clinton campaign bigwigs look like they plan to paint Senator Obama as a drug user and dealer while in college. Their hoping to evoke some image of a black thug. If she goes along with this, it would be shameful, but what is more shameful is that even knowing this, all those black leaders (including the men) are going to stick by her. Just foolishness. My Way News - Clinton Adviser: Obama Drug Use Concern
Now that the press took it on and they realize how stupid they are, they're trying to take it back, but they put it out there and that was all they intended to do. They accomplished their goal, so apologies mean nothing.
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GLOWING CLONED CATS Cloned cats that glow in the dark - "Since cats suffer some 250 genetic diseases that are similar to human diseases, the genetically-modified cats can be used to treat human genetic diseases. Due to the color of the red fluorescent protein itself, the gene manipulation will also be useful to identify the functions of genes at each stage of the differentiation of embryonic or adult stem cells."
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Who wins this one? PETA's latest prey: Homeland Security Department -

"Animal-rights activists have added the massive agency to their list of targets, sending a letter to Secretary Michael Chertoff that criticizes government scientists for conducting painful experiments on chimpanzees.

"I urge you to put an immediate end to this completely unnecessary abuse of chimpanzees," Ingrid Newkirk, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), wrote to Chertoff. PETA set its sights on Chertoff because his department oversees work done under a government program called Project BioShield, a multi-agency effort to improve medical countermeasures that could help protect people during biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear terrorist attacks."

I'm not a fan of PETA because I think they're nuts, but I hate experimenting on animals. I've seen real live video of cosmetic companies spraying poison into the eyes of helpless chimps. I even saw a video of one scientist beating the life out of a helpless, tied up chimp with a baseball bat to test the limits of head trauma. He was screaming in pain. It's really sickening. I understand that it might be necessary to protect the lives of humans, but is this the only way to do it? I would hope that we've advanced beyond this barbaric practice.
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I've blogged about this before; the increase in suicide in soldiers and the increase in domestic violence when soldiers return home. It's scary and sad. I know the government is spending money to try and deal with it, but maybe just spending money isn't the issue. Suspected Army suicides set record -

"A record number of soldiers — 109 — have killed themselves this year, according to Army statistics showing confirmed or suspected suicides. The deaths occur as soldiers serve longer combat deployments and the Army spends $100 million on support programs."
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The news is that a little Winter is coming to the Northeast in a storm that has worked its way across the country already killing up to 33 people. Weather is amazing. It's such a humbling thing. It's sort of earth's way of reminding us that we've just renters here. This is her planet and she's going to do what she wants.
Fortunately in D.C., we're only supposed to get really cold rain because these people act the fool when they see one sprinkle. Being from Chi-Town its no sweat, but even in Chicago 12-inches would slow things down a little bit. I just hope people are careful driving and no one gets killed. It's scary.
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While Harvard already gives a full free ride to kids from families that make less than $60K a year, I guess the school wants to make sure that slightly well-off people don't feel slighted. Harvard to Aid Students High in Middle Class - New York Times.

"Harvard University announced on Monday that it would significantly increase the financial aid it offered to middle-class and upper-middle-class students, seeking to allay concerns that elite colleges are becoming too expensive for even relatively well-off families. The move, to go into effect in the next school year, appears to make Harvard’s aid to students with household incomes from $120,000 to $180,000 the most generous of any of the country’s prestigious private universities. Harvard will generally charge such students 10 percent of their family household income per year, substantially subsidizing the annual cost of more than $45,600."
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I don't know about you, but all this time I was thinking that Thompson was going to be the Obama for the right, but he just never lived up to the hype. I'm still disappointed and hopeful he can turn it around. The Republicans Find Their Obama - New York Times

"COULD 2008 actually end up being a showdown between the author of “The Audacity of Hope” and the new Man from Hope, Ark.?

It sounds preposterous, but Washington’s shock over Mike Huckabee’s sudden rise in the polls — he “came from nowhere,” Robert Novak huffed last week — makes you wonder. Having failed to anticipate so much else, including the Barack Obama polling surge of days earlier, the press pack has proved an unreliable guide to election 2008. What the Beltway calls unthinkable today keeps turning out to be front-page news tomorrow."

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Ugh, ugh, ugh. With the writer's strike continuing, we've run out of new television shows. The networks will be running reruns and....reality program all night, every night. You Couldn’t Write This Stuff: TV Reality Sets In - New York Times. It's probably a good thing considering I don't need to watch television anyway. I'm constantly in a battle with my DVR which threatens me with refusal to tape every day. I just cleaned out about 8 hours of programming on the networks since those shows are online at the network websites. I'll never watch them, but my DVR will shut up for another week. I don't do reruns and I hate reality programming.

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If you ever suspected Karl Rove was nuts, now you know he is. Ever since escaping the asylum, he’s been running around like a madman, blaming the Iraq war on Democrats.The Hill’s Pundit Blog » Rove Blames War on Daschle

Not good news. Teenage Birth Rate Rises for First Time Since ’91 - New York Times. What do you think the reason is?

"The birth rate among teenagers 15 to 19 in the United States rose 3 percent in 2006, according to a report issued Wednesday, the first such increase since 1991. The finding surprised scholars and fueled a debate about whether the Bush administration’s abstinence-only sexual education efforts are working."
An interesting take on adoption and giving birth from an adopted woman who is pregnant with her first child. Blood Ties and Acts of Love - Relative Choices - New York Times Blog

"But for the first time, I and my husband -– who happens to also be adopted from South Korea -– will, through our child, know what it is to be connected with someone who also shares our genes. And I must admit there is something delicious about finally being a part of the majority."
Interesting article that says race and intelligence have no genetic relevance. It's all in what you do from day one. Some people aren't even aware that the diet you feed your kid can affect their intelligence. So many of our kid are eating crap all day; nothing is feeding their brains.
All Brains Are the Same Color - New York Times
"Interventions at every age from infancy to college can reduce racial gaps in I.Q., sometimes by substantial amounts in surprisingly little time."
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Although I vow to stop flying if airline ever let people use their cell phone in the air, I would absolutely love it if we could hook up on "The Internets." I'm a product of my generation and go into withdrawal if I have to go too long without my IM or anything web-related. Web Access and E-Mail on Flights - New York Times
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Behold, the power of a finely worded letter. A New Bush Tack on North Korea - New York Times.

"President Bush, directly engaging the man he publicly called a “tyrant,” wrote a letter to North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il, in which he held out the prospect of normalized relations with the United States if North Korea fully disclosed its nuclear programs and dismantled its nuclear reactor, administration officials said Thursday."

Well at least its nicer than blowing something up.
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Destroyed CIA tapes and Congressional Investigations. Just the stuff liberal movie makers love. In addition to the great news about Iran not being as much of a threat as we thought (although I think they are still a much, much bigger threat than Iraq ever was), the CIA is turning into Hollywood's muse. C.I.A. Destroyed 2 Tapes Showing Interrogations - New York Times
C.I.A. Was Urged to Keep Interrogation Videotapes - New York Times
Destruction of C.I.A. Tapes Cleared by Lawyers - New York Times
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The media wants to make a fuss about FoxNews refusal to air a left-wing commercial that has Danny Glover accusing Bush and his boys of destroying the Constitution. However, CBS recently refused to air a commercial by an ultra right wing group and no one seemed to care. Foxs Fair and Balanced Ad Policy - New York Times Blog

"Actor Danny Glover has filmed a TV ad asserting that the Bush Administration is destroying the Constitution through the use of torture, rendition, and other war-on-terror tactics. Mr. Glover urges viewers to “rescue the Constitution.” It’s hard-hitting. But a lot of people and organizations — including our Editorial Page — have been saying much the same thing.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, which produced the ad, says that Fox News refused to run it. According to CCR, a Fox account executive wrote: We cannot approve the spot with it being Danny Glover’s opinion that the Bush Administration..."
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Hey all. Law school exams are on and poppin' now, so I'll be take a few days off. I'll hit you up every once in a while, but mostly my head will be in the books.
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My Fighting Illini are on their way to Cali to play USC in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day! It's been forever since we've smelled sweet roses.

And Ron Zook was named Big Ten Coach of the Year, so kudos again.
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Look at what havoc a stupid driver's license question can wreak. The Clinton camp is making another big mistake by attacking Obama's character. Look Hills, this is a lose lose situation for you. Even Republicans who hate all his stands on the issues respect his character. The media still thinks he's a freakin' Messiah, so how do you imagine this will play out in your favor?

And who are you married to again? Yeah, so...
Losing Ground In Iowa, Clinton Assails Obama -
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It's a start. Personally I'm surprised he accepted it considering everything he has done and said. Voters reject Chavez's referendum - I'll bet it was more than 51%, but that was all he could admit to.

"By a margin of 51 percent to 49 percent, voters shot down a referendum that included 69 proposed amendments to the 1999 constitution, according to Monday reports from the National Electoral Council. In all, 9 million of Venezuela's 16 million eligible voters went to the polls."

Venezuela's Chavez loses constitutional vote -
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The last Red debate showed the catty side of Rudy and his falling poll numbers are likely to bring out more of his true character. Rudy’s Security Blanket - New York Times

"Rudy Giuliani is one of those people who doesn’t handle power well. The more important he becomes, the more impossible he becomes."
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While everyone is touting the decreased violence and death, the NYTimes says we need to pay attention to other crimes that are preventing Iraq from moving forward. Nonstop Theft and Bribery Are Staggering Iraq - New York Times

"Jobless men pay $500 bribes to join the police. Families build houses illegally on government land, carwashes steal water from public pipes, and nearly everything the government buys or sells can now be found on the black market. Painkillers for cancer (from the Ministry of Health) cost $80 for a few capsules; electricity meters (from the Ministry of Electricity) go for $200 each, and even third-grade textbooks (stolen from the Ministry of Education) must be bought at bookstores for three times what schools once charged."
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Why can't they teach both? It's very simple. "Here's one view" "Here's another view." Official Leaves Post as Texas Prepares to Debate Science Education Standards - New York Times.

"After 27 years as a science teacher and 9 years as the Texas Education Agency’s director of science, Christine Castillo Comer said she did not think she had to remain “neutral” about teaching the theory of evolution. "It’s not just a good idea; it’s the law,” said Ms. Comer, citing the state’s science curriculum."
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The Government enforces child support law, but doesn't give the money to the actual children. It appears the government believes the money is owed to them instead of the child. Mothers Scrimp as States Take Child Support - New York Times. The money belongs to the kids and taxpayers of the state, the people who are supporting these loser's kids through welfare. "The collection of child support from absent fathers is failing to help many of the poorest families, in part because the government uses fathers’ payments largely to recoup welfare costs rather than passing on the money to mothers and children. Close to half the states pass along none of collected child support to families on welfare, while most others pay only $50 a month to a custodial parent, usually the mother, even though the father may be paying hundreds of dollars each month."
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I thought there would be more fanfare about this, but I guess no one is interested in 165 year olds on the radio. Don Imus is back in the saddle again - On Deadline - In true Imus fashion, he made sure to give the verbal finger to all those people who were frequent guests of his show but disappeared when the controversy started. Hint Hint Harold Ford Jr. & Al Roker. He also has a black sidekick. IMUS GAL A BLACK TEXAS NY ‘JEW’
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Our favorite Senator, Larry "I am so not gay" Craig, has denied new allegations of homosexual behavior just as he has repeatedly for the last 25 years. Idaho senator denies new sex allegations -

"The Boise-based Idaho Statesman identified four men who have gone public with claims they either had sex with the veteran senator or that he made sexual advances toward them in incidents dating back to the 1980s. The men describe their encounters with Craig, R-Idaho, in detail. But the Statesman said it had no physical evidence to back up its reporting and described the claims as "he-said, he-said allegations."
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I thought it was illegal to marry someone just to stay/get in this country? So why am I not surprised there is a show about it? Show seeks to love match migrants and U.S. citizens Reuters

"A Los Angeles company is touting a new reality game show called "Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen" that aims to create televised matrimony between legal citizens and immigrants who have temporary visas."
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It appears that at least one person in the Sudan has some sense. Sudan frees Briton in teddy row - I think this is completely due to pressure from the West. It's a sad thing because they lost a teacher that was devoted enough to teaching to leave her own country and come to one that is not the safest in the world. Not just her, but how many people who were considering going to Sudan to teach aren't now? Seriously, if you can be jailed and have thousands (and there were tens of thousands) of people swinging machetes and calling for your execution over naming a teddy bear, I would be afraid to open my mouth about anything.
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"Workers who help process millions of visa and citizenship applications for a federal immigration agency are getting pay reductions just as the agency is facing an enormous surge in those applications."

"The workers whose wage rate will be cut are contract employees in document
processing centers in St. Albans, Vt., and Laguna Niguel, Calif., that are part
of Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency responsible for deciding
visa applications and citizenship petitions. Some 280 of approximately 1,000
contract workers in the two centers will receive lower wages after a new
contractor, Stanley Inc. of Arlington, Va., takes over tomorrow."
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