My feelings about that whole Detroit fiasco have been made clear. His carrying on with this chick is pure foolishness. And you might say, it's nobody's business, but there are reasons these types of relationships among politicians & their staff are discourage. It's not my business, but it is the business of Detroit citizens. My problem is that he lied under oath. My problem is that with all the economic problems in Detroit, how can this city move on when this man won't leave office? Will the latest news make a difference? New text messages have emerged that are so...ghetto... that it is beyond embarrassing to me. But then again, Kirkpatrick & I are clearly not working on the same moral wavelength.

Oh, Man. That’s Embarrassing / Stereohyped
Kwame Kilpatrick Text Messages Released » Right Pundits New Kwame Kilpatrick Text Messages, Still No Party Label
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