Can Political Discourse Get Any Dumber?


I guess by blogging about this ridiculous "lipstick" controversy I am participating in the press orgy over the topic, but I'm very confused. Why would the Red team use a ploy that would be a sure sign of desperation when they are doing so well? Will it work? I know this country is not made up of geniuses, but are people that stupid?

Maybe I have too much faith in the American people, but I just don't get that they'll fall for this. They'll laugh about it and those who can't stand Obama will use it to dig at him, but no one really believes that he was calling Palin a pig. Right? The Republicans hope is that working class Americans and women are so stupid that they will believe that this phrase, commonly used for approximately the last century or so, and clearly explained in the context of his speech, was meant as an insult to Palin personally, women and of course the working class whom Palin is supposed to represent. These same working class voters and women who have likely used the phrase several times in their own lives will suddenly buy that now that Palin used her "lipstick/hockey mom/bull dog" joke in a speech a week ago, the phrase somehow can only refer to her.

I saw on FOX NEWS this morning some vacant looking female anchor say that now that a woman is in the contest, the Dems need to be careful of what they say because they risk looking sexist. Is this the line the Republicans (who speak curiously similar to FOX NEWS anchors) are going to go with? These same Republicans who will go into a rage if you told them that now that a black man is in the contest, they have to be careful of what they say because it might be interpreted as racist, would blow up. How can you accuse the race card while hiding behind the gender card?
What is the official word from Palin? She seems to me that she's tough and not the type of woman who wants to be "protected" this way.

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