Palin's Daughter


I still don't know what to think about the Palin selection. My first impression of her is that she seems cool and she's certainly going for the gusto in life with five kids, a husband, a state to run and running for VP.

But its not all good. No experience, which seemed to be the theme of McCain's attack on Obama. With a presidential candidate in his 70s, the VP pick is a little more important than usual. She has some pretty iffy history on pork for her state and her connection to the bridge is sketchy. The base will be happy with her because she is clearly the conserative, but the base wasn't their biggest problem. Independents are going to like her "against the grain" image, but half of them, as well as pretty much all of Hillary's supporters, are pro-choice. And there is the fact that McCain had been wanting Joe Lieberman for the last two weeks, but allowed his handlers to talk him out of it. So who is really making the decisions in the McCain camp?

Regarding the daughter, it seems clear to me that the press should have stayed out of it, but that clearly isn't going to happen. I mean highlighting the comments "I don't want kids" on her baby daddy's MySpace page? What could that mean to be other than hurting her? Although this might put a small chink in Palin's insistence that teaching abstinence works, most people know that these things happen and will respect her daughter for taking responsibility. Palin herself made the choice to keep her youngest baby when she found out it would have down's syndrome. They both made the right choice and in my personal opinion the moral choice, but the point isn't the rights or wrongs of their choices. The point is that they had the choice and that's what matters. But Palin wants that choice taken away at the federal level, so she could have the power to take it away in her states.

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