Don't Let Voting Problems Deter You


In addition to voter registration fraud, we've been reading about a lot of voting irregularities and possible supression around the country now that early voting has picked up.

On college campuses in OH, students are being told that police will be at the polls to serve warrants for parking and speeding tickets.

In GA, TN and VA election watchdog groups say they have received several complaints about voting machines flipping on them, mostly people who pick straight Democratic ticket say it comes up straight Republican ticket.

In New Mexico lawsuits have been filed because people whose registrations were purged because they didn't match the information on file were called at their home and harrassed because the GOP released their names and info to the public. Why? That makes no sense.

My favorite is Indiana. In Lake County, the GOP is trying to get 3 voting centers closed. They argue that Lake County is notorious for voter fraud and seem to believe that getting rid of three voting centers will help curb this. Guess where those centers are? Hammond, Gary and East Chicago. Yes, the predominantly black areas in Lake County. They say its not racially motivated and those people can vote at the Crowne Point center. All of them going to one place that is already serving its own community. The court denied their request because the lines would be unreasonably long and the distance is too far for those taking public transportation. The GOP is appealing.

In NC, a group of black voters were harrassed by some white passerbys as they waited in line to vote. The people yelled out things like, "you're voting for a terrorists!" "Decent people go to church on Sunday!" That's just stupid, but still.

I like this one in GA. The polls close at 7pm in this county, but the lines were so long (and of course they didn't have enough working machines) that some people didn't get to vote until 1:00 am. The best part is their attitude. They didn't care. These are mostly black people and they were just so happy for the chance to vote this election that a 6 hour wait didn't upset them. Me? I would have showed out and probably end up getting arrested or something because that is some bulls*&^.
Clayton County Voters Stand In 12-Hour Lines - News Story - WSB Atlanta
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