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Uhm...I'm Not Happy or Anything, but. Report: Iranian President Ahmadinejad Has Fallen Ill

A close associate of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at the weekend the Iranian President had fallen ill under the strain of his position, following a series of cancellations in his schedule. The official Iranian news agency has quoted Mohammad Ismail Kowsari, an MP and close ally of Mr Ahmadinejad, as saying he is sick "but will eventually heal". Mr Ahmadinejad reportedly works a 20-hour day and has not appeared in public since last Tuesday.

Wonkette: The D.C. Gossip » Obama Chooses Horribly Dangerous Setting For Election Night Speech, Yay! Obama says he's doing this election night in Grant Park no matter what; win or lose. After the recent assassination attempt, might the Secret Service have something to say about it.
Wonkette: The D.C. Gossip » Very Considerate Vandals Target Obama Supporter In Silicon Valley. Wow. For once, it's nice to see someone harass voters in a polite way.
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