Out With The Old, In With The New


In a continued, doomed bid to appear relevant, Jesse Jackson opened his mouth, which automatically means something came out wrong. His latest is his opinion of the U.S. relationship with the "Zionists" and Israel. He wishes thinks that under Obama, Israel won't be our special little friend anymore. This despite having no communication whatsoever with the Obama campaign. REV. JESSE JACKSON PREDICTS CHANGE IN U.S. FOREIGN POLICY WITH OBAMA - New York Post. Obama really didn't want anything to do with him in the first place and Jackson's "cut his balls off" comment several months ago sealed his fate with Barry. He is completely shut out.

Based on my knowledge of nothing, I believe this is all about jealousy. It is driving Jackson crazy that he did all the marching and fighting and negotiating and primping in front of the cameras and was never able to be a legit contender for the White House. But somehow this pretty little golden boy comes out of nowhere and not only gets accolades that are clearly unearned, but is damn near treated like he's the second coming of the lord. Jackson is never forgiven for his many mistakes, yet Obama can "pall around" with domestic terrorists and a crazy preacher and still be out of "margin of error" in the polls. This shiny Harvard boy who is not a descendant of slaves is gliding into the White House and Jackson will not even be able to have Obama's ear once he gets there.
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