Powell Endorsement & $150 Million


Today was a good day for Obama. After the announcement that his campaign raised $150 million in September, which is just crazy, the predicted General Powell endorsement was made public on Meet The Press.
As I said before, I don't think this will do much for Obama. It might make a few Independents feel like this is a good nod in terms of leadership and foreign policy. It might make a few black conservatives who were on the fence because of the race issue decide to give Obama a chance.
This will be on the news for the next few days which helps Obama as well and if the McCain camp tries to go after Powell, it would be a disaster for them. Their best bet is to just acknowledge it and ignore it.

Colin Powell endorses Obama -
Halperin: How the Powell Endorsement Boosts Obama - TIME
Obama raises record $150 million in September -
Barack Obama's campaign announced Sunday the Democratic presidential candidate raised $150 million in donations in September, setting a new high-water mark in campaign fundraising. In a campaign video, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said a record 632,000 new donors gave to the campaign, with the average contribution under $100. More than 3 million donors have given so far.
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