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Every election has some fraud. Trust me, I'm from Chicago. I know this. It is an unavoidable reality, but how much can it actually effect an election? And how does the fact that the party who is losing or has lost is the only one that cares about it? Republicans didn't want to hear about Democrats complaints in 2000. In 2004, Republicans were crying foul up to the election because Kerry/Edwards was ahead of Bush/Cheney, but when they won, you didn't hear a peep from them and Democrats, who said nothing prior to the election wanted to make Ohio the scene of the crime.

In 2008, Republicans are looking at the polls and setting the stage for a legal protest, which appears to be the common strategy for both parties; just in case. But no one has been able to prove that the fraud has ever been enough to change the results.

Republicans, and FOX News, seem to be very obsessed with ACORN, a voter registration organization that has a history of fraud. The latest controversies are in Missouri and Nevada. Why is this group still allowed to register people? Both parties should care about this, but since ACORN goes after low-income voters, which tend to vote blue, only the Republicans seem upset. But if Obama wins, you know that EVERYTHING will be questioned even if there isn't any reason to. Republicans will not accept his victory. While the campaign has voiced its support of investigations of any fraud, it might be better for them to be a little more vocal.

Missouri officials suspect fake voter registration - Yahoo! News

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