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New York

At a Harlem Charter, School on a Snow Day - "Neither eight inches of snow, nor icy gusts up to 35 miles per hour, nor temperatures topping out at 28 degrees were enough to keep them from test preparation on Monday. While 1.1 million other New York City schoolchildren passed their first snow day in five years by sledding — or, perhaps, skiing on Wii — these 50 or so charter school students trudged to class in blue and orange uniforms and spent four hours studying rectangles and Rosa Parks. The cafeteria was closed, but the school provided Subway sandwiches and hot chocolate."

Washington, DC

Congressional Democrats have put conditions on future federal financing for a small school voucher program here, and they are urging the schools chancellor to prepare the public schools to re-enroll, in fall 2010, some 1,700 students currently attending private schools at taxpayer expense.

Michelle Rhee is the schools chancellor.

Republican lawmakers contend that the conditions that were quietly inserted into a huge spending bill this week were an effort by Democrats to kill the nation’s only federally financed voucher program.
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