Hilarious? Not So Much


I have not seen any o the Madea movies so my criticism has to be taken in perspective, but I was never attracted to them. They didn't look like they were for me. I know this borders on the edge of classism, but I didn't see my reflection in the previews. However, I am very happy that a brother is doing so well at the box office and I know some black people who think the movies are hilarious. Courtland Milloy of the WAPO? Not so much.

Courtland Milloy - What's So Funny About Madea? Nothing. - "And there I sat, silently ranting: There is nothing funny about this black man in pantyhose. And where is all of this cross-dressing-black-man stuff coming from, anyway? First, comedians Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence star in high-grossing movies as the fattest, ugliest black women that Hollywood makeup artists can conjure up, and now here's Perry with his gussied-up version of the same butt of the joke."
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