Sad To Say Goodbye


Today is the last day of Politopics. You may have noticed that ever since coming back from Europe last summer, I haven't been as frequent or opinionated as I used to. I shared many personal reasons, all good of course, why I would have less time than before. Well, things are kind of coming to a head and I have to focus on my future now. Things are going great in my personal life and my writing career has reached a new level that requires additional attention right now. Later this Spring, you will see a new website devoted to my VIEW PARK series which has been extended for additional books. Yea!!!!! This is the next book cover.

Then there is the rest of law school, of which I am in the final stretch and looking forward to starting a new career in law.

My plate is very full and although I have absolutely loved Politopics, to do it properly has become too time consuming. I will continue to guest blog on sites like The Moderate Voice and when I do, I will cross blog here.

I appreciate everyone who came here to catch up on a regular basis and I hope I did a little good for the centrist movement.

I wish everyone love and luck.

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