Sad To Say Goodbye


Today is the last day of Politopics. You may have noticed that ever since coming back from Europe last summer, I haven't been as frequent or opinionated as I used to. I shared many personal reasons, all good of course, why I would have less time than before. Well, things are kind of coming to a head and I have to focus on my future now. Things are going great in my personal life and my writing career has reached a new level that requires additional attention right now. Later this Spring, you will see a new website devoted to my VIEW PARK series which has been extended for additional books. Yea!!!!! This is the next book cover.

Then there is the rest of law school, of which I am in the final stretch and looking forward to starting a new career in law.

My plate is very full and although I have absolutely loved Politopics, to do it properly has become too time consuming. I will continue to guest blog on sites like The Moderate Voice and when I do, I will cross blog here.

I appreciate everyone who came here to catch up on a regular basis and I hope I did a little good for the centrist movement.

I wish everyone love and luck.

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ABC News: Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban


The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today.

"As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons," Holder told reporters.
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Michelle Obama Fashion and Style

Check it Out. I found out about this on Booker Rising. This is one of several websites devoted to the style of our First Lady. Michelle Obama Fashion and Style
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Land of the Twins - Work of the Nazis

Do you need anymore than your own eyes to know that this is the work of Nazis? Mystery of the ‘Land of Twins’ - Something in the Water? Mengele? -

"High atop a hill behind his family’s home, Derli Grimm knelt and took a sip from a thin black tube leading from a natural spring. Cândido Godói is a farm town.

Like so many in this farming town, populated almost entirely by German-speaking immigrants, Mr. Grimm, 19, believes that something in the water — a mysterious mineral, perhaps — is responsible for the town’s unusual concentration of twins.

“It can’t all be explained by genetics,” said Mr. Grimm, himself a twin.

Geneticists would like to disagree with him, but even they have no solid explanation for the 38 pairs of twins among about 80 families living in a one-and-a-half-square-mile area. "
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Think Progress » Limbaugh To Convene A ‘Female Summit’ To Figure Out Why Women Hate Him


This is the man who said that feminism was created to allow less attractive women entry into society. You don't need a summit, Rush. Just playback...well, any of your shows when discussing women's issues. Think Progress » Limbaugh To Convene A ‘Female Summit’ To Figure Out Why Women Hate Him Perfect companion girls from escortsheathrowladies agency.
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Illegal Immigration Update

Now that Mexico is on the verge of collapse under the rule of drug cartels, illegal immigration might get back on the radar of some people who have ignored it. However, that doesn't mean that anything substantive will be done about it.

Secretary Seeks Review of Immigration Raid -

"Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Wednesday ordered a review of a raid at an engine plant in Washington State that resulted in the arrests of 28 people suspected of being illegal immigrants.

“She was not happy about it because it’s inconsistent with her position, and the president’s position on these matters,” said the official, who agreed to discuss the matter on condition of anonymity because the secretary had not authorized the conversation."

Wave of Drug Violence Is Creeping Into Arizona From Mexico, Officials Say

"The raging drug war among cartels in Mexico and their push to expand operations in the United States has led to a wave of kidnappings, shootings and home invasions in Arizona, state and federal officials said at a legislative hearing on Monday. The drug trade has long brought violence to the state, which serves as a hub as illicit drugs, like cocaine and marijuana, and illegal immigrants are smuggled to the rest of the nation."
Commentary: Time for immigration reform is now -

  • Ruben Navarrette: Obama has wars and severe economic downturn on his plate

  • He says some advise president to delay moving on immigration reform

  • Navarrette: Obama has more clout now to act on the issue than he might in future

  • He says the president needs to tackle the issue in a moderate way"
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Chaput calls Catholics servile toward Obama - The Denver Post


At least this isn't as bad as those so-called religious leaders who are saying he is the Anti-Christ or Hitler, and yes there are some out there really saying that. The deification of this President is disturbing. Chaput calls Catholics servile toward Obama - The Denver Post

"Denver Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput, on a book tour in Canada this week, stirred controversy with remarks about U.S. Catholics, who he says exhibit "a spirit of adulation bordering on servility" toward President Barack Obama, an abortion-rights advocate.
"In democracies, we elect public servants, not messiahs," Chaput told more than 700 people in St. Basil's Church on the University of Toronto campus, the Catholic News Agency reported."
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Bravery In the House of Davis


Remember Jefferson Davis? If you're from the south, he's a hero. If not, you have to think for a second. Oh yeah, him. Well, he owned slaves and one of them dropped a dime on him. Kudos for finding this info and making it public. Slave in Jefferson Davis' home gave Union key secrets -

  • William Jackson, a slave, learned key details inside the home of Jefferson Davis
  • Davis was president of the Confederacy; Jackson leaked key secrets to the Union
  • "Because of his role as a menial servant, he simply was ignored" by Southerners
  • Author said history must never forget the sacrifice of African-Americans in Civil War

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Jobless Angry at Possibility of No Benefits

The Governors who say they don't want to take the unemployment benefits part of the Recovery Bill (although they are willing to take the rest) are doing so because they feel that the cost once the benefits run out in a couple of years is too high. It makes sense from a fiscally responsible standpoint, but that does not offer solace to jobless people who need unemployment benefits to feed their children and pay their rent while they are still looking for jobs that don't exist. Many jobless folks in these states are speaking out. Jobless Angry at Possibility of No Benefits -

"As governors in nine states, mostly in the South, consider rejecting millions of dollars in federal stimulus money for increased unemployment insurance, there is growing anger among the ranks of the jobless in those states that they could be left out of a significant government benefit.

Several governors say they will refuse stimulus money to expand unemployment benefits. Should they reconsider?

Gov. Sonny Perdue of Georgia has said he fears the long-term consequences of accepting the federal stimulus money.

The stimulus bill recently passed by Congress includes incentives to states to expand benefits to many more jobless people, including part-time workers and those who have cycled in and out of the work force, who are not covered in many states."
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Hilarious? Not So Much

I have not seen any o the Madea movies so my criticism has to be taken in perspective, but I was never attracted to them. They didn't look like they were for me. I know this borders on the edge of classism, but I didn't see my reflection in the previews. However, I am very happy that a brother is doing so well at the box office and I know some black people who think the movies are hilarious. Courtland Milloy of the WAPO? Not so much.

Courtland Milloy - What's So Funny About Madea? Nothing. - "And there I sat, silently ranting: There is nothing funny about this black man in pantyhose. And where is all of this cross-dressing-black-man stuff coming from, anyway? First, comedians Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence star in high-grossing movies as the fattest, ugliest black women that Hollywood makeup artists can conjure up, and now here's Perry with his gussied-up version of the same butt of the joke." Watch Latest Pakistani Talk Shows Read more You can watch videos without ads.
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Children need a home where they feel loved and not a home where they feel housed. This bill would be a backward step for millions of children who could have had loving parents but won't because someone else doesn't like that their would-be parent didn't get married first. Bill would ban adoptions by unwed couples -
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We've all been hearing about this town in Mexico, Juarez. Juarez has had over 300 deaths and countless people missing just since January 1st. Yes, that is in the last 9 weeks. It is complete madness there. The drug cartel has completely invaded the government and the police. They have forced the resignation of the police chief after murdering 6 cops in one day. The violence is spilling into the U.S. where many of the more affluent have come to get away from them; including the town's mayor who has had attempts on his life and threats to his children. They have murdered activists protesting the drug cartels and journalists writing about it.

The President of Mexico, in a last ditch effort to keep some sense of civility, sent in military troops because the police force is completely corrupt. They sent in lots of troops. Thousands of them and thousands more are coming. Since they've come in, murders, which were previously averaging six per day have lowered to five per week. Mexico pours troops into border city stricken by drug war -

This is a good start, right? Not according to human rights activists who think the troops are a threat to the rights of the citizens. You see, it appears that the decision to put surveillance cameras all over the city so they can see what is going on and requiring citizens to carry their ID with them everywhere is unacceptable to these activists.
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Economy Drains - Prison Population


Pew Study Shows Criminal Corrections Spending Outpaces All but Medicaid -"Criminal correction spending is outpacing budget growth in education, transportation and public assistance, based on state and federal data. Only Medicaid spending grew faster than state corrections spending, which quadrupled in the past two decades, according to the report Monday by the Pew Center on the States, the first breakdown of spending in confinement and supervision in the past seven years.

The increases in the number of people in some form of correctional control occurred as crime rates declined by about 25 percent in the past two decades.

As states face huge budget shortfalls, prisons, which hold 1.5 million adults, are driving the spending increases."
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They Soooo Heart Him

Ever since he began his uphill battle for the presidency two years ago, Barack Obama has been mobbed for photos and autographs, and that enthusiasm and passion has only grown since he entered the Oval Office. But even Obama must be a little taken aback by the identity of some of his well-wishers of late. After his address to Congress on Feb. 24, the same House Republicans who had decried his stimulus plan as the work of another tax-and-spend liberal crowded around him like starstruck tween girls at a Jonas Brothers concert, all to get his John Hancock on their copies of the speech.
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Charter School Stories


New York

At a Harlem Charter, School on a Snow Day - "Neither eight inches of snow, nor icy gusts up to 35 miles per hour, nor temperatures topping out at 28 degrees were enough to keep them from test preparation on Monday. While 1.1 million other New York City schoolchildren passed their first snow day in five years by sledding — or, perhaps, skiing on Wii — these 50 or so charter school students trudged to class in blue and orange uniforms and spent four hours studying rectangles and Rosa Parks. The cafeteria was closed, but the school provided Subway sandwiches and hot chocolate."

Washington, DC

Congressional Democrats have put conditions on future federal financing for a small school voucher program here, and they are urging the schools chancellor to prepare the public schools to re-enroll, in fall 2010, some 1,700 students currently attending private schools at taxpayer expense.

Michelle Rhee is the schools chancellor.

Republican lawmakers contend that the conditions that were quietly inserted into a huge spending bill this week were an effort by Democrats to kill the nation’s only federally financed voucher program.
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Blacks, whites hear Obama differently - Nia-Malika Henderson - "On matters of racial identity, many observers in the African-American community say he benefits from what's known as “dog-whistle politics.' His language, mannerisms and symbols resonate deeply with his black supporters, even as the references largely sail over the heads of white audiences.

This is part of the reason that as a candidate, Obama won intense support among African-Americans while never being branded, in the fashion of a Jesse Jackson, as a candidate"
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The Land of Opportunity???

We're hearing a lot about illegal immigrants going back home because they aren't finding jobs in the U.S., but skilled, legal immigrants are leaving as well. Why Skilled Immigrants Are Leaving the U.S.

"As the debate over H-1B workers and skilled immigrants intensifies, we are losing sight of one important fact: The U.S. is no longer the only land of opportunity. If we don't want the immigrants who have fueled our innovation and economic growth, they now have options elsewhere. Immigrants are returning home in greater numbers. And new research shows they are returning to enjoy a better quality of life, better career prospects, and the comfort of being close to family and friends."
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It's Official


Our First Lady selected this Michael Kors black number for her official White House portrait and I like it. She likes to show her arms because they look good and you can see in all her pics, that her skin is glowing. Of course as soon as the pic came out, the Kors website completely crashed. She is certainly setting the fashion tone. If you read the comments on sites like CNN, Wonkette and Huffington Post men certainly approve, but let's get it straight. It's our opinion that counts, right Ladies? And yes, that is Thomas Jefferson in the background portrait totally checking her out.

Her arms are becoming a source of news because apparently some people have too much time. I've seen two articles in major news websites talking about how to get her arms. Hello, people. Stop sitting on your ass surfing the net and lift a weight.

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Jada Returns To TV


Odd pairing with Michael Vartan, but whatevs. Michael Vartan joins TNT's 'Time Heals'

Michael Vartan has been tapped to co-star opposite Jada Pinkett Smith in TNT's upcoming series "Time Heals."The Sony TV-produced "Time Heals," set to premiere later this year, centers on Christina Hawthorne (Pinkett Smith), a strong but caring director of nursing at a North Carolina, N.C., hospital."Alias" alum Vartan will play Tom Wakefield, the director of medicine at the hospital. Tom and Christina care about each other, possibly as more than colleagues. Vartan replaces Jeffrey Nordling, who played the role in the pilot.On TV, Vartan recently starred on ABC's dramedy series "Big Shots."
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AIDS top killer disease in China last year: govt | Health | Reuters

AIDS top killer disease in China last year: govt Health Reuters: "The AIDS virus became the top deadly infectious disease in China last year for the first time, killing 6,897 people in the first nine months of 2008, the official news agency Xinhua said on Tuesday. The number of people infected with the HIV/AIDS virus doubled during that period, Xinhua said, citing a report posted on the Ministry of Health website. Xinhua said there were a total of 264,302 HIV/AIDS cases by the end of September last year and 34,864 people have died of the disease so far. United Nations figures estimate that 700,000 people in China were HIV positive by the end of 2007." University of Metaphysical Sciences will support you in finding your own rhythm as you embark on this journey, perfectly synchronizing your growth to the unique unfolding of your own being.Check out for more information.
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A Billion Earths

No one wants to go back to the moon anymore. That place is a dump. Mars is where its at. Once we have mastered planetary travel, next comes galactic travel. Pegasus is next, then Andromeda. However, we'll be busy for a while in the Milky Way before we get there. BBC NEWS Science & Environment Galaxy has 'billions of Earths'

"There could be one hundred billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy, a US conference has heard. Dr Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution of Science said many of these worlds could be inhabited by simple lifeforms. He was speaking at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. So far, telescopes have been able to detect just over 300 planets outside our Solar System."
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Illegal Immigration Update


Editorial - Deportation and Due Process - "In a bit of mischief in his final days in office, the outgoing attorney general, Michael Mukasey, ruled that immigrants have no constitutional right to effective legal representation in deportation hearings. As a result, immigrants who lose their deportation hearings because their lawyer did a bad job representing their case have no right to have their case reopened."
New Orleans Laborers Become Robbers’ Prey - "They are the men still rebuilding New Orleans more than three years after Hurricane Katrina, the head-down laborers from Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala who work on the blazing hot roofs and inside the fetid homes for a wad of cash at the end of the day.

But on the street, these laborers are known as “walking A.T.M.’s.”
Their pockets stuffed with bills, the laborers are vulnerable because of language problems and their status as illegal immigrants. And as Hispanics have become the prey of choice in crumbling neighborhoods here in one of America’s most crime-ridden cities, racial friction between the newcomers and longtime black residents has moved close to the surface."
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No story that starts out like this can end good. Seriously, foolishness of the year award. Chinese mistress contest takes tragic turn - "A married Chinese businessman who could no longer afford five mistresses held a competition to decide which one to keep."
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